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REVIEW - A Night in the Woods (2012)

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Even at only an hour and 15 minutes this Found Footage movie felt overly long. Actually, the part of the movie that moved along the fastest for me was the first chunk, where we're being introduced to our various main characters and having them sight seeing around the English countryside. You know, the 'boring' filler stuff. Once they actually get to their campsite in the woods and hunker down for the evening, that's when I started loosing interest because characters were acting out-of-character to how we were shown them as previously in the movie, and doing things that made no sense whatsoever other than to just move the story along.

It certainly doesn't help that none of these characters are likeable in any shape, way, or form. The lead is a pervert that secretly films his girlfriend every chance he gets, the other male lead is a trouble-making hooligan (Or 'skeet' if you're from where I live in Atlantic Canada) that breaks into people's houses and then sneaks back out, and the main female lead is willing to cheat on one with the other the second the one she's dating isn't around. Why give a shit about any of these characters when they're all disgusting human beings?

To make matters worse, the movie doesn't even bother to try to explain anything that happens in it. It throws out tons of potential 'maybe it's this, but maybe it's actually that' explanations and red herrings as for the 'supernatural' going ons, but it never truly commits to confirming or denying any of them, so by the time the credits are rolling at the end, you still have no answers as to what exactly just happened for the last hour and 15 minutes.

It's a shame that so much of this movie is done so poorly, because the stuff that is done well is done really well, and I wish there had been more of that. For example, the filming itself is done good, never once making the viewer feel motion sickness, the acting from the main cast, despite not liking the characters that they portray, is actually pretty good and I'd say above-average for a low budget Found Footage movie, and there were one or two genuinely really creepy and/or jump moments in there (a really suspenseful tent scene is easily the highlight for me, even though it only takes up about 30 seconds of the movie).

Unfortunately, that's about it. I love Found Footage movies and when I heard this one was pretty much the U.K.'s version of The Blair Witch Project I knew I just had to check it out. Unfortunately, this is nowhere near one of the good ones.


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