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Minimalism And Me - Dream It Do It

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If you can dream of how you would like you life to be, then you can make it happen. You just have to begun the journey and that always starts with a beginning.

I used to look at all the home magazines and think " I would really like my walls painted that color, and that table.... man I would love it! Just look at those picture on the walls, all black frames with white mats make them pop.

Well, do it!

I started many years ago, with no training whatsoever.I took the plunge, I went to Walmart and picked out the "bold" color I wanted, grabbed a cheap paint pan with roller and brushes. I covered all my stuff with plastic covers and I painted my walls.

I mean if it looked like crap the first coat I painted it again and then it always looked good.

This is another reason I became a minimalist, I like the work I did, I want it to look pretty like I seen in the mags and on the home improvement shows. The only thing I do not agree with is 5 layers of stuff, sure its pretty but who is going to clean it? Sure not those decorators piling it on!

Plus this pushed me to get rid of all the old stuff that was keeping me from making my home pretty. I mean I know my dad gave it to me and he is dead now but I think about "why" he gave it to me? Because he got new stuff! He was just passing it on and he figured I would get tired of it and move on too.

But this is where we all tend to get stuck, we are not moving on. I reckon we think it would be a crime to toss the old worn out junk, that it would be like throwing them away, when in reality its just stuff that "they" would have tossed long ago.


Let not get stuck in memory lane with that worn out junk that is dry rotten and ready to be burned. Move on and make your home something you are proud of.

Be bold an do what you have always wanted to do in your home.

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By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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