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Valentine be Mine

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As the day comes to a close, I just want to say I hope everybody had an amazing day today. Even if you don't have a "special someone", I hope you took at least a moment to acknowledge your own appreciation for yourself. You are all incredible human beings with potential, talent, and the ability to inspire the world with your art. So no matter how your day was, always remember to love yourself first. Nobody else can fill that void, you have to fill it yourself. Isn't that crazy?! The thing we crave the most, we have the ability to fulfill ourselves. 

So keep taking the world head on. Keep putting yourself and your art out there. Keep making an impact, even as small as a returned smile at the grocery store. 

Spread love everywhere you go, always encourage, and continue to appreciate. 

Have an amazing Tuesday :) I hope I was able to inspire you to realize your own self worth. 

Happy Valentines Day <3

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