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Minimalism and Organizing - Its complicated

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Hoarding is complicated, its often asked why people keep all that stuff and of coarse we all have the answer without even giving it a second thought, some say we may need that while others are fast to say it has sentimental value.

Once I heard someone say, probably on the show hoarder, take a photo of the sentimental item and donate it. Seems you will have the photo to remember it by, does this work? I would say yes because its the power of suggestion and for me " out of sight, out of mind" works just as well.

What to choose from ALL your stuff to keep and what to choose to get rid of is one of the hardest parts, organizing your stuff is the easy part.

What I like to do, And yes I do this every so often because although I practice minimalism, stuff still finds its way into my house, remember I do not live alone :) I like to take all the stuff out of a room I want to organize, sometimes I will even give it a good coat of paint while I clean up all the dust bunnies.

When everything is out, it easier to make the decision on what you want to have back into your clean room.

Start with the "have to have`s" for instance, if its a bedroom start with the bed and build your room around what HAS to be there. When you feel it has enough to make you happy get rid of the rest.

I know that sounds easier than it is but just try it, sometimes you can make the decision to get rid of things faster because you see the room of your dreams, clean and organized. Plus its easier to keep clean with less and the look will last and last.

Next time you are asked why? remember life is complicated so just deal with it and move on.

Need help with one room? Organizing A Small Area 

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By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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