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Can you buy a life?

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A few decades ago, during agitated banter between my brother and daughter, my Daughter exclaimed: "You can't even buy a life!" Funny. Some things you never forget.

My version of the truth is that although we might try, one can't buy a life. A life has to be built one memory at a time. Truth can be relative. Einstein proved that everything is relative. So I feel compelled to say this is my own curmudgeonly and probably outdated opinion. Maybe I am out of touch like so many claim in my own clam shell. I make my memories by painting and paddling...

In this digital age with every convenience and even more on the way, people can spend their day being very, very busy in an "iLife" parked in front of a very attractive flashing screen full of engaging colours and sounds. But I feel that an "apple" is meant to be a nutritious and healthy meal and not something that promotes a couch potato vegetable.

Of course there are many more "weapons of mass distraction" that get in the way of creating real memories and an actual life and really doing something - TV sport spectacles, “interactive” talk programs, "reality" shows and many more. The world is full of communication devices in a sea of signals but people don't normally converse anymore.

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