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2017 NFL Mock Draft

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Thank you very much for reading my 2017 NFL Mock Draft of the first round. These are the picks I think each NFL team will make in the 2017 draft. I have been doing mock drafts for years and honestly tend to get 5 or 6 picks right.

Lets get this out of the way. I know some of you draft junkies tend to take these mock drafts pretty seriously. First I don't do drugs, nor was I drunk when I wrote this. My parents were not related to each other and not do I have any known mental handicaps. So if you are 27 years old and living in mom's basement save the time and trouble of insulting me in the comments if you don't like this mock draft.

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2017 First Round Mock

1 Cleveland Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett- Texas A&M

The Browns may try to trade down and add more picks I don't think any of the quarterbacks are worth of being the overall number one pick. Garrett is the best player in the draft and the Browns will pick him.

2 San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Mitch Trubisky -UNC

Trubisky is very raw and unpolished and would be the pick here for his potential. Shanahan worked wonders with other quarterbacks and building one from the ground up may appeal to him,

3 Chicago Bears Defensive End Jonathan Allen-Alabama

John Fox kept his job somehow and hates rookie quarterbacks. If the Bears don't trade down then Allen is the best pick for them.

4 Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Tackle Cam Robinson- Alabama

The Jaguars shore up their right tackle spot if not the left with the best run blocker in the draft. May be a bit of a reach here though.

5 Tennessee Titans (from Rams) Safety Jamal Adams-LSU

Adams is the best safety in the draft and a day one starter for the Titans.

6 New York Jets Running Back Leonard Fournette-LSU

Best pure runner in the draft but his injury history and large amount of carries would give me pause here.

7 San Diego Chargers Defensive End Solomon Thomas-Stanford

Adds another stud pass rusher to go with Joey Bosa.

8 Carolina Panthers Defensive End Derek Barnett- Tennessee

Barnett fixes the Panthers 2nd biggest problem, a pass rusher.

9 Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Mike Williams-Clemson

Tad of a reach but the Bengals have had success in the past by having lots of targets and Mike Williams is the best wide receiver in the draft.

10 Buffalo Bills Quarterback Deshaun Watson-Clemson

Yes the Bills have a defensive minded head coach but it's all about the quarterback.

11 New Orleans Saints Cornerback Marlon Humphrey-Alabama

The Saints finally add a quality cornerback to combat those great NFL south quarterbacks.

12 Cleveland Browns Quarterback DeShone Kizer- Notre Dame

The Browns add to their carousel of quarterbacks

13 Arizona Cardinals Safety Malik Hooker- Ohio State

Not their biggest need but if he falls this far they will grab him I think.

14 Indianapolis Colts Running Back Dalvin Cook- Florida State

Cook is the real deal and the Colts finally add a duel threat back to help Andrew Luck.

15 Philadelphia Eagles Safety Jabrill Peppers- Michigan

Peppers brings his versatility to a decent Eagles defense.

16 Baltimore Ravens Cornerback Teez Tabor-Florida

Ravens address their biggest need in the 2017 NFL draft.

17 Washington Redskins Linebacker Reuben Foster- Alabama

Foster shores up the middle of the Redskins defense.

18 Tennessee Titans- Cornerback Adoree Jackson- USC.

A little on the small size but has some skills.

19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tight End O. J. Howard-Alabama

Howard gives Winston a nice option on an improving Buccaneers team.

20 Denver Broncos Linebacker Zack Cunningham-Vanderbilt

Not their biggest need but a defensive minded team like the Broncos won't let Cunningham go by.

21 Detroit Lions Defensive End Taco Charlton- Michigan

The Lions need defensive line help in the worst way and address it here in this 2017 NFL mock draft.

22 Miami Dolphins Linebacker Tim Williams- Alabama

The Dolphins need linebackers and defensive linemen as do most teams this year.

23 New York Giants Defensive End DeMarcus Walker-Florida State

The Giants know that the defensive line is the key to winning in the NFL.

24 Oakland Raiders Cornerback Marshon Lattimore-Ohio State.

The big weakness on a pretty decent defense is the defensive backfieldf.

25 Houston Texans Quarterback Pat Mohomes-Texas Tech

Maybe the Texans can make up for their expensive mistake at quarterback, last year.

26 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Tackle Ryan Ramczyk- Wisconsin

27 Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Corey Davis- Western Michigan

The Chiefs need some offense in the worst way here.

28 Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Charles Harris-Missouri

The Cowboys throw another body at the defensive end slot

29 Green Bay Packers Running Back Christian McCaffrey-Stanford

McCaffrey adds some running back depth and or a possible slot receiver for the Packers.

30 Pittsburgh Steelers Cornerback Sidney Jones-Washington

31 Atlanta Falcons Linebacker T.J. Watt-Wisconsin

Shoring up that defense that got tired in the Super Bowl.

32 New England Patriots Tight End David Njoku- Miami

Lets hope this turns out better than the last Miami tight end they had.

Mel Kiper photo By Marianne O'Leary - originally posted to Flickr as The ESPN NFL Draft Main Set, CC BY 2.0,

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