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Minimalism and Organizing - It Is Okay To Rest

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One reason most people burn out is because they try to get everything done... Now. Your home did not get cluttered or dirty in one day, so it will take a little time.

Some days, weeks or months you will accomplish more than other days, weeks or months because of the work you do, the days off you have or the willpower you have to get things done.

I actually got more done in January that I had expected.

Read more about that here : January Accomplishments

This past weekend I took off from cleaning and organizing. My body and mind was worn down by a very stressful work week and lack of sleep.

If you do more than you have the energy to do in a day or weekend you will fail the main goal of decluttering your home because you wore yourself down and you will feel its just to hard to accomplish. So do not feel bad if you take those days off from and just rest and recharge your mind and body.

BUT...... you knew it was coming! That BUT....

I did something that was not hard to do. I know what I need to get certain areas under control and its not working at all, I was in Walmart for over counter medication so I made sure I picked up three of the small clear shoe box size tubs, I can store shoes, paperwork, crafts and more in these. At .88 each they are worth it. Another item I picked up was garbage bags, I was out and I know I need these and if not to get rid of stuff, to keep the trash up and out of the house. See I managed to apply something to the goal of getting my home under control!

So, don`t beat yourself up if you take a day or two to rest, use your mind to plan your next project, or pick up the stuff needed to get the clutter under control.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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