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Love allows me to get closer

Love allows you to experience more

See, the mirror image of Love is me

Love allows me to never be alone

Love allows pains to become pleasure

Observe, as Love allows joy to enter

Love is the start of all new beginnings full of wealth as a means to spread compassion throughout the World!

"Self-Motive," Love said

Drive your will-power to be living blissfully in all your desires

Joy riding through this journey

All this learning makes me eternal

Infinite Love-----, help spread my wings

Love is how I conquer anything

Listen, I can go on and on about this "Love" thing through my experiences

Understand, Love can mean as much as you make it all it takes is for you to shake away all the hatred

Love allows all of us to make happiness what we want it to be

Love is never complicated

Love allows you to be stronger

Love allows you to feel free making life easier to stay and play a while longer

Love allows the heart to experience comfort

Extraordinary is what Love can be

Stay calm and breathe

Love is easy------

-Erika Alexandria Garcia 

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