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A painting series...Phil the Forecaster’s Canoe Lake Paddle October 2016

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Life is all about place and for me, Canoe Lake is one of those special places. I paddled between 19 and 23 kilometres on Sunday October 2nd 2016 around the perimeter of Canoe Lake. I did some experimentation and a typical paddle stroke moved the canoe about 10 feet. Apparently it took about 7000 paddle strokes to go the distance. I paddled for about six hours that day to cover the distance that I measured. The math comes out as 1.8 to 2.0 paddle strokes a minute which thinking back, sounds just about right. I was lolly-goggling and quite enjoying the paddle and not in any kind of rush despite the impending weather. 

My Canoe Lake paintings based on that paddle tally to 3291.7 square inches not counting the larger panels based on those smaller works. I am sill painting those larger canvases. With ten strokes as an average per square inch, that comes to 32917 brush strokes or let’s just round that number to 33 thousand brush strokes – more or less.

It is interesting that it took me almost five times as many brush strokes (33 thousand) to cover the panels as the number of paddle strokes (7 thousand) to cover the distance. I need to go back now and do that paddle again to check my calculations.

The following posts are listed in order of the Canoe Lake Paddle. The links will be added as the posts are written.

How many paintings can I get out of a single day?

How many strokes to paddle around Canoe Lake?

The first three paintings from Canoe Lake

Another couple of paintings from my paddle around Canoe Lake...

Paddling the west shore of Canoe Lake

Paddling the west shore of Canoe Lake...

It is all in the light...

Commit to do it with passion or not at all…

Why would a reflection be darker than the real thing?

Is it time to head back to Canoe Lake?

Fallen Soldier


Red Chair

Blue Boat Bay

Sheltered Shores

October Bay

Reflecting Canoe Lake

Canoe Lake Point

Deciduous Shore

Canoe Lake Colours

Still Standing

Blazing Crimson

Stages of Life

Calm Canoe Lake Reflections

Leaning Tree Bay

Spruce Island

Little Wapomeo

Gilmour Island

Blecher's Place

Trainor Cottage


Canoe Lake Bunkies

Canoe Lake Whites

Yellow Maples

Shoreline Foliage

Canoe Lake Autumn

Black Spruce Point

Long Bay

Potter Creek

Birches Canoe Lake


Mowat Cemetery Path

Remembering Ja’s and Tom

Canoe Lake Overcast

Thomson Cairn

Water Lines

Black Spruce Sentinels

Foot Bridge

Dead Spruce Point

Red Roofs Canoe Lake

Sailors Club House

Canoe Lake Cottage Island

Canoe Lake Rain Clouds

Canoe Lake Rain

Canoe Lake Light

Canoe Lake Chairs

Canoe Lake Paddle Pilgrimage - the Studio Scene-quels...

These larger works were created in the Singleton Studio on those winter days with significant wind chills. I froze my hands a few times and they just can't take the cold as well anymore. 

#1884 "Large Little Wapomeo"

#1888 "Whiskey Jack Bay"

#1890 "Son of the Birches"

#1892 “Dead Spruce”

There are maybe more to come but I have not painted them yet. 

"Phil Chadwick's Canoe Lake series is wonderful. He not only captures the water and fall colours perfectly, but the 'personality' of the shoreline and cottages that make this lake so very special.Roy MacGregor - Tom Thomson expert, author and friend.

Some thoughts as we come to the end of this particular paddle... can you buy a life?

 Warmest regards from Phil the Forecaster … keep your paddle in the water… and your oils and brushes clean...

PS: Phil’s Ongoing “Magazines” including my growing self-published book on Tom Thomson, my own art, Canadiana and even some humour...

PSS: Here is a link to my Canoe Lake Gallery on Pixels.

PSSS: Here is a link to my other Phil the Forecaster Galleries on Pixels.

Each numbered circle on the map of Canoe Lake below is the location of that painting. There are still some scenes left to paint...

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