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Minimalism and Organizing - January Accomplishments

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Photo: Paper product stockpile

It really is strange to say goodbye to January, seems the month flew by. This year I decided to make monthly goals to get things organized around here so its time for me to take a look at January accomplishments.

Photo: Office closet before organizing

The goal was to clean up the office closet. For the most part it was just scattered about, things took out for use and not replaced or it was the "hide it all someone is coming space."

I did accomplish getting this closet back into good shape so that I do know where my stuff is when I want it and I got this done early in the month too!

To read about the Office closet journey : Office Closet- My Minimal Hoarding life take a look and see how well this closet turned out.

I really did not have anything else as a goal for the month since I am working a lot but I also got something else under control, my pantry.

photo: The pantry after organizing

It was somewhat organized but I took it to the next level, I got rid of the boxes and used all the containers I have.

If I lived alone I would not have any pasta or rice in the house, since I am not supposed to eat it (diabetic), well maybe a little angel hair pasta for the occasional spaghetti dinner, instead it would be filled with beans, quinoa , barley and the likes. Nor would I have regular black tea because I don`t drink it, just green or herbal.

Photo : My tea stockpile 

BUT I am not the only person in the house so I organized the room to better suit me when I am looking for something.

Last year I made the resolution to "stop buying and use the stockpile" At first this was very difficult and I think I went through withdrawals but I made it, as time went by I did not shop to stock for no more than six months. Let me explain, Say Ragu spaghetti sauce was on sale buy one get one free and I had a coupon making each jar under $1.00, before my resolution I would stock for a year buying 12 jars (for a once a month dinner), I cut back to buying 4 to 6 jars.

Photo : Green peas, Black beans, elbow pasta, angel hair pasta and instant potatoes

After one year the shelves got bare and I moved stock from the spare bedroom into the pantry. Yes I have a wall with three foot shelves that is/was used for store bought foods, Now I have it filled with what I home can, vegetables for the most part, but that is another room to organize :) And another story.

I did not tackle this room in one day, I did a little at a time, as I felt like it since I am working everyday, and in no time flat it was organized.The only thing I did not move was the paper products.

Photo : Paper products

By doing the pantry I also learned more about me and how I have changed since I began to use coupons in an extreme manner. How life changes and what you want changes, now I prefer to grow my own if possible.

Read more about how things change : Time To Rethink How You Live 

But for the moment I am not off the grocery store so I will keep the pantry and work toward my goals in life, a little more organized.

So I got two smaller areas finished in one month! I am very proud of myself.

How did you do? did you get that area organized that was bothering you?

By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry

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