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Minimalism and You - Time To Rethink How You Live

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There comes a point, actually many times in life, when its a time to rethink how you live.

I am at this point, I no longer eat certain foods I used to love. I no longer will wear that sexy skirt I used to love to wear to show my legs off. I will not be able to wear those 3 inch spike heeled shoes anymore.

I still can wear the shoes and the skirt, I still can eat that pasta but I am just over it already! Time to get rid of the old and bring in what you love.

Growing is a part of life, you grow up more. You go through phases.

Where I used to love to show off my stockpile, what I got with coupons for free or dirt cheap, Now? I just want to use it up and go back to having what I home can and freeze from my garden.

I used to love the orange vase, now I am ready for it to be gone because I have a crystal vase I like now and its put where the orange vase used to live. Yes objects live in your home with you, they are a part of you and they train you to take care of them.

What have I gave up that I used to love to do? Getting those Christmas decorations in January at 90% off, putting them back to use the next year or to decorate graves with. I just looked at that stuff in the store and it was ..... a dread think about bringing it home and piling back for another year when I already have plenty of decorations I love.

I don`t want stuff outside either! just straight line clean yard. Not yard deco taking up my time to maintain or to have to weed eat around. The bone yard? That is one place that needs to be just hauled off to the dump, by the time stuff is needed its rotten and you have to buy it new.

I want less. Living with less means more time for me to control the stuff instead of the stuff controlling and working me into the grave.

How about Wednesday check in? My Minimal Hoarding life - Wednesday Check In 

By Andria Perry

Photo by Andria Perry

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