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For years I had a huge stockpile and I continued to add to it every chance I got when I knew about a free item coming by using coupons. But last year I made the resolution to stop buying and use it up. I did it too, it was hard not to jump on those deals and I had to find something else to do, I began to grow and home can my own.

But, again I was still stockpiling, so I found a balance , calmed my soul down and let shopping and canning go.

The Pantry. 

Yes I am fortunate to have a pantry in this house, its one space I am proud to have.

I still have products that really last a very long time. I have my teas, green, black and herbal all sealed in their boxes, stacked neatly. I also have Lipton for the rest of the household.

Photo: 14 boxes of Green Tea with Mandarin Orange

I was so tired of the boxes falling down, I needed a solution. I decided to open all the boxes of my favorite green tea that I have the most of and put it into a large canister. Instant space already! But I will leave the different flavors in their own box, I don`t want the flavors to blend.

Photo: ALL 14 boxes of Green Tea with Mandarin Orange in one canister

Another problem that most people will NOT talk about is rodents. They are ashamed to let people know that they get mice. Everyone gets mice, that is just a fact. It gets cold out and they come in. Oh wait, some don`t have mice if they have a cat, I have an outside cat but I have caught a few mice this year. Anyways they will eat into boxes of your food and its just a waste. That is another reason I used up most of the stockpile and organized what I had left so that its not so accessible for rats to just walk in and eat. And don`t think they are picky because I had a couple boxes of Folgers coffee shots and they ate ALL of them, I think about that and laugh cause the mice had a caffeine buzz.

I put the packets of instant grits into a small container. The candy in an old jar that used to have pickles in it. All forms of pasta in canisters and rice in a glass jar.

I will say that since all the boxes are not out it is easier to wipe off and keep the room clean and not take a whole day.

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By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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