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Coots at Atascadero Lake

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Two Coots on a Log

I finally got out to Atascadero Lake to see how the recent rains have filled it again. I arrived at the lake about 3 PM. I wanted to walk around the island. The drought had completely dried up the channel that went around it. Now the water has returned and with it the waterfowl. I managed to capture these two coots on a floating log. I love the way they and the trees on the island behind them leave their reflections in the water. 

Below is a closer look. 

Coots Swimming in the Lake

Coots were definitely in the majority among the waterfowl today. I did see a pair of ducks and a few geese, but the coots had them outnumbered.

I followed the coots below until I could photograph them clear of the water plants they were swimming through. 

In the photo above, it's hard to tell the reflections from the actual plants. The reflections are mostly of the branches hanging above the lake.

In another post, we will look at some of the other sights around Atascadero Lake.

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