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Minimalism and You - Knowing When To Let Go

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Photo : A hoard I cleaned out for a lady.

I watched another episode of Hoarding on Sunday night on channel A&E and I have to say I cried with the men on this show. The lady lived in a 10,000 square foot home and she lost it somehow, I missed that part, and the two guys wanted the house.

She had some nice things but her mind was so messed up, she could not make clear decisions about keeping trash or the antiques.

That is why I am making my life easier now and so can you.

We never know what situation we will get in, we can have a home today and be homeless tomorrow, a blink of an eye. We could lose our job and not be able to pay the mortgage or a tornado could wipe us out.

I began to think about life this way, If I had to move tomorrow and all I had was one day to move what would I take? And what if it had to fit into a rented storage shed?

I can say without thinking the first would be the tub of photos I have, its my life from a baby till now, that would be loaded first as well as one tub of paperwork although I could get copies later of the paperwork if I had to leave it.

Next would be a bed and pillow with one set of sheets and a blanket because I would want something to sleep on when I did get another home.

Third would be clothes, the clothes I wear daily and one dress and a couple pairs of shoes, No not all of the shoes or clothes because you serious do not need many to survive.

The smaller stuff would be the coffee pot, laptop, camera and the one small T.V. I have.

The rest is just stuff that comes and goes, I know it all has meaning, it has to because we brought it into our homes, but I would know what to pick faster than most, knowing what is a priority in my life.

I remember a long time ago when me and another moved, his 4 tubs of vhs movies went into the truck before his own clothes as though that was more important that having clothes or food. I shake my head.

Now think about ALL the stuff you have that you don`t use, all the stuff you would leave behind, why are we keeping it? If we are not using it now why would we use it five years from now?

When I get old and die, I don`t want someone to have to deal with so much stuff its overwhelming for them. A couple bags of clothes to donate and a few collectibles to sell, more than likely they will send the rest to the dump. That should be how life is.... we have to learn when to let go of stuff no longer used in our lives.

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By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry

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