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Eden Project Cornwall,England: Beautiful Amalgamation of Art, Nature and Science

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It's not everyday that you get to visit a magical Global garden like the Eden Project in Cornwall, England (UK). So when I found myself finally standing on 'Eden soil' under one of the massive biomes that house the world's largest rain-forest in captivity, along with other plant species from the Mediterranean,South Africa and California, I was nothing short of mesmerized. Never before had I witnessed a man made marvel nestled in a huge crater also with an outdoor garden spread over 30 acres. Recipient of the Best UK Leisure Attraction award continuously for 4 years (2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011) and the Silver Award for Best Leisure Attraction in 2016, the Eden Project is a must visit destination. 

What makes the place even more interesting is the beautiful amalgamation of art, architecture, nature and science in one destination. 

Walking through the countless varieties of Dahlias,ferns and lavender fields I suddenly came across a huge structure, monstrous and rather ugly. It looked like a modern day dinosaur if there could be one. On closer inspection though I realized it was the WEEE man. WEEE is acronym for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The WEE man sculpture as it is called is 7 meter high and made of 3.3 tonne of electrical and electronic waste which the average British household throws in a life time. At first thought this structure seemed so out of sync with the rest of the garden environs, full of greenery and vivid colour. It was so utterly ungraceful! But then I realized that it was set up there for a deeper purpose. According to the creator, Paul Bonomini : “I designed him to look like he’s dragging himself out of landfill, coming back from the dead. He’s there to remind us of this monster that we’re creating when we dump these goods rather than recycle them.” I looked at the WEEE man with renewed appreciation and respect. We need such reminders to live harmoniously.

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