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Minimalism Monday - Making February Plans

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Yes it is just January 23rd. and I did get what I had intended to do for January and that was clean out and organize the office closet.

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What is the plan?

After the ice/snow thing we had a few weeks ago I noticed something, the windows in the living room, dining room and kitchen windows have these spots on them, I don`t know what it is but I cannot see outside that good.

To be totally truthful about cleaning windows, I don`t have a schedule to clean them, I just clean them when I see they need it, whether once a year or five times a year.

Its been six years since I bought new window blinds, I plan to replace them all this year. Not all at once because that would be costly for this home but a room a month, that should be okay to fit into my budget.

I do not plan on washing curtains till Spring cleaning time, unless I feel that they need a good washing.


Last week I did manage to keep the house cleaned up.

Thursday was the hardest day on me, I worked from 7 am till 4 pm on little sleep so I had to crash as soon as I got home. Late in the evening I did get up and I made dinner for me and Tony and did several loads of laundry, this time making sure I folded and put away each load.

Saturday seems to be "Do it all in the house" day. The laundry room was a barber shop, I cut Tony`s hair. Later in the day it was a gardeners shack, I filled pots with potting soil and sowed tomato seed.

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Sunday I took off from cleaning since I had to go to work for a couple hours, this time the landlady job. I showed the empty rental. I took a nap and clipped coupons while watching T.V., filed those in the binder.

One thing I am still working on is the Dining room table, it had become my tax prep table, I can say that I have worked a little each night on the tax stuff, its almost gone thank God. After adding all the receipts I will list each property on its own sheet of paper with the income and outgoing, take it to the CPA and he knows exactly how to do the taxes so I do not have to pay out the um-hm.

Now its a new week with a new plan.

How are you doing in the life of minimalism, hoarding or just plain old cleaning?

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By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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