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One of the most difficult emotions to deal with in life are the ones political red tape binds you. It's the thought of the chain reaction or even an implosion of passion, political incorrectness, and false assumptions. Even harder is being restricted to freedom of speech as life carries with it so much heartache, complicated feelings, and explosive emotions.

Everyone at some point in their life come across the feelings of rut and despair; you may even be experiencing a "de-Ja Vu" eclipse, as you quietly relate to those awful and destructive feelings of chaotic emotions strongly correlated with love, loyalty, and trust. Families and friendships majority of the time is a centered time bomb, the heart of all misunderstandings waiting to explode. Understanding how this affects us not only emotionally, but physically and mentally may be the core defining moment for a little peace in our life.

Day in day out we convince ourselves that it will get better and somehow, somewhere, a bigger power - be it God, the Universe or Karma, will make things right. We convince ourselves to believe in goodness and hope the pieces of the puzzle will eventually sort themselves out. The truth is, time overrules all sensibility. In the meantime, we are encouraged to speak our mind and taught that the best way to deal with certain issues is face to face. Is it?! Not always!

Different personalities bring different understanding levels and most of the time, only listen to a particular mindset, blowing away the realness and the history of good times, love and loyalty. We seem to adopt a self-defense mechanism, as we believe we are all perfect and in no means ever at fault for anyone’s quivers. “It’s their problem” attitude only sensationalizes a nuclear time warp waiting to react. Faithful to some extent – we can’t always chase others to justify our pain, and we can’t expect others even to feel a tad of guilt that somehow, it takes two to tango at the center of all brain snaps. We are perfect, so we apparently know everything. Right?

We regularly read self-improvement books, following quotes, seek to understand who we are and try and make light for an inner peace or calm in our lives. It does work to some degree. The theory is a great tool for building a journey; it’s the complicated reality of practicing virtues that we face with this trip that is the epitome of depression, illness and even a downward spiral for hope and goodness. The easiest method to deal with pain is anger, hate, vengeance, and detox. Too simple to flick the one’s we love and way too easy to rule out hope. With violence follows darkness and suddenly we start to forget all the reasons life has blessed us with - the art to create, lead, write, design, think and so forth. We adopt a robotic mentality; you know the one the routine of life!

We wake up, go to work, school, home duties or whatever, your daily routine and we retire at the end of the day with no reason for amending our goals to strive for a genuine smile – the sense of being happy and carefree. How could we possibly strive for success if the foundations of our existence based on misery? We are all guilty of this!

Perfection is forgiveness, light-heartedness and being at peace within yourself to appreciate the ones that encouraged us to smile at some stage in life. Perfection is the quality of an inner light and reaching out to an outer glow. Perfection is finding a glim of hope in a world of darkness, the candles of the soul – it's the love and light for a better and much wider peace in our hearts, our world, and our heart.

Next time you choose to hold a grudge do it with core value and think about the misery in your heart. You are only kidding yourself. The feelings of solace, vicissitude and appreciating that pain isn’t governed to you alone. It's a chain effect that doesn't deserve the pettiness that creates the unnecessary tension. Either way - life is a blessing.

© Jasmina Siderovski 

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