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Social Media - The Ultimatum

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The function of endorphins in our systemic emotions as a keyboard warrior and socially accepted abundance of digital recreation are fulfilling our lack of epistolary. As the timeline of generational gaps, meet with Einstein’s epiphany “that we will be socially inept.”

As genius and brilliant this mesmerizing keen perception we have all been entranced by, Albert Einstein, a century later, has been well received, recognized, and preserved in his theory of special relativity. He determined the laws of physics are the same, for all non-accelerating observers, as he showed that the speed of light in a vacùum is the same, no matter the speed at which an observer travels.

It’s this theory that inhibited two objects to exert a force of attraction on one another, known as gravity. Hence quantified when the gravity between two objects, formulated three laws of motion, by Sir Isaac Newton. The force tugging between two bodies depends on how large each one is, and how far apart the two are. Even as the center of the earth is pulling you towards it (firmly lodged on the ground), your center of mass is pulling back from the earth. But the more massive body barely feels the tug from you, while with your much smaller mass, you find yourself firmly rooted thanks to that same force.

Newton's laws assume that gravity is a natural force of an object that can act over a distance. So by now, you are thinking, I think I know where this is going, but how do we relate it to social media and lifestyle?

As genius Albert was - 100 years later, we are social media. No, not ‘on’ social media - we ‘are’ social media. Facebook is in our everyday lives in our homes, families, friends, acquaintances, and business is a lot more socially closer. We have unknowingly become a part of Einstein’s rule of ‘special relativity.'

Once again, he showed that the speed of light in a vacúum is the same, no matter the speed at which an observer travels, yes, correct – in our case Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, you name it, and more. Hence pre-qualifying my extension on Einstein’s theory that we have become socially transmitted or at least gravitated toward a force that surrounds us every minute. Confusing, I’m sure, but not that far from the truth.

Metaphysics is sometimes a metaphor for a circumstance that we can’t explain. Proven and a relative to current technology. Einstein certainly wasn’t far from the truth, as he queried, and ‘predicted’ we will become “a race of generational idiots.”

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”- Albert Einstein

It’s the gravity that attracts our social behavior, whether we accept it or not, it’s the quiver to our new reality. Is this bad? Is digital technology the new generational culture of the twenty-first century? Are we socially inept? Perhaps, but then it depends on how we perceive our outlook on fundamentals of the modern age.

The world has become closer, photos are instant, and the information is the wealth of any responsible aspiring individual. I disagree. I don’t think we are a new generation of idiots, a little irresponsible most definitely, socially aware – yes. Lonely, I don’t think so, but idiots - DEFINITELY NOT!

So, to those who consistently qualify social media as a weakness in our lifestyle, think about the abundance of knowledge, the array of constructive criticism, and the genuine, heartfelt messages, as so many of us are more comfortable reaching out to a society that indulges in healthy debate.

Let’s not include the trolls and haters. Their world is a lifestyle of its own, and personally each to themselves. In my theory, we all have a story to tell and a passion for love and kindness. We have experienced pain, fear, and deception. We have a gravity of relativity, our worlds so far apart, but our minds, so close to the heart. Make a difference in this world do it and don’t hold back!

Never stop questioning your beliefs. Your core values make you an individual. It’s your standards that create your personable nature, and it’s the confidence to grow with others. Learning to trust your aura will send some magic in this world. The right people will love you for exactly who you are. The only justification is to us.

©Jasmina Siderovski

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