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So, here we are 2017. Finally my fan art of Dolph Lundgren, one of the heroes of my graphic novel. Since he is ehm... quite caricatured in it, I wanted to make a decent drawing of him, a fan art( not for sale!). Glasses added just in case.

My lesson drawing this, was to realize you can't cut corners when doing serious portraits-or, well, anything. It's easy to think that you 'just know' where the eyes and the rest of it are, when actually, the changes are so minuscule in the human face, that a slightest line can turn it into another person. So you you have to look, look again, measure a bit and draw, and stop being lazy. This is the fourth drawing.  I still think I could do better. But that's the whole idea doing creative stuff anyway!

Below is 'my' Dolph, of my graphic novel. Inspired as I remember him from the 'Master of the Universe' and 80's. Even though Lundgren has played evil guys as well,  in real life he's studied at length and  has stood up for causes such as against woman trafficking. Now, that's what I call  a strong man!

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