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Minimalism Monday - Office Closet- My Minimal Hoarding life

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Photo: Before cleaning out the office closet.

Here I am again sitting here in a cleaner room than it was less than 12 hours ago. I am back with Minimalism Monday because without it I began to slack and put things off I could have got done.

Last week when I began the "get rid of" process again and I have to say I am glad I made the decision to get my life back up and going like I want to live it.


Here we go with those but`s again. I did work odd hours last week, some days began at noon while others at six am and did not end till six pm. However, I kept up the kitchen cleaning each time after I cooked dinner. But... yes another but, I washed and dried all the laundry but it got one half of my bed for a few days. It was just a few loads of whites, I did fold or hang the wearing clothes as they came out of the dryer.

By the time I got to Friday I was ready for the weekend to be off and work around here at my own pace. Then Saturday morning came and I realized the water had frozen so I had to go into "camping" mode for the weekend, meaning conserve bottle water and use throw away plates, bowls and utensils as much as possible and don`t worry about baths or changing clothes a lot. After all your at home and no one else is around.

When Sunday came around, the water thawed and a pipe is busted so I had to turn the water off at the meter till it gets fixed this week.

None of that effected me cleaning the office closet at all. Some of the stuff was what I was selling on eBay last year and other stuff was one of those " company is coming! hide the mess!" and it got tossed in that closet.

Another thing was the packing and shipping stuff like large envelops, bubble wrap and boxes. I had once housed those in the desk drawer but when it got to be to much I moved it into the closet but now I can put it back in th desk drawer since its not big boxes.

What do I keep in this extra closet? 

Over flow from the main closet for clothes. My photographs and my painting stuff, my art that is framed and unframed, and the excess coupons in the small pencil boxes. I also have a little music and old movies on Disc.

Photo : After things were put back into their place.

What did I get rid of out of this closet?

Small boxes that I will not use since I am not doing eBay anymore.

Clothes that will not be worn and did not sell.

Odds and ends that are now garbage.

I do feel accomplished since I got what I wanted to get done finished.

Now what am I going to clean next weekend?

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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