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Cute Baby Pics from the World of Fungi

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Very few things make me happier than walking around my lake taking pictures of fungi and other assorted things. Two points to mention: technically, it is not "my" lake and is actually a state park, and of all the things I take pictures of, fungi are by far my favorites. 

I'll dedicate a post in some other sphere, probably science, to talk about my love affair with the fungi, but for the moment, please enjoy these adorable baby pictures of some little Lycoperidon perlatum puffballs from one of my fall walks. 

I cannot stand the cuteness of these little triplets. Actually, they are probably all one organism, since one underground mass of hyphae can put up many mushrooms. But still... triplets!

While like most babies, they don't stay this cute forever, if you like to enjoy puffballs (and they are one of the tastiest wild mushrooms), you'll keep an eye on little ones like these, because they grow fast. 

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