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Diane is a lawyer and has her moral principles very clear and because that she's in a constant fight with her firm's partner and ex husband, Bruno. After another discussion with him in a bar, she leaves and forgets her cellphone there.

By the time she gets home, she receives a call from a stranger named Alexandre, claiming he has her cell and asking her for a date to give it back. After spending some time talking at the phone, Diane is curious about meeting him: Alexandre seems like a brilliand a funny guy.

But when they finally meet the next day, Diane has big surprise: Alexandre is "suffering" from dwarfism! He's 1,36m tall but he's also an enterprising person, with a good career as an architect and full of friends and interests.

As the two start to know each other, Diane begins to understand Alexandre' struggles on a daily basis, due to his differece...being stared at, made fun of and such. But Alexandre also teach to her how to let things you can't change go and to not let other's opinions interfere with what you really want.

                               My Opinion

The story is fun, about an original theme developed in a carefree way, but not ridiculed. The actors are terrific (Jean Dujardin won the Oscar as Best Leading actor in 2012, after all!). I'm not sure I'd suggest it to everyone, but surely is a movie that puts you in a good mood!

Raking: 3/5

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