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From the window you can see that the bus is packed.

A young woman gets on the bus. She asks for a return ticket to Regent Street and the man, who accompanies her, follows close behind. He has already in hand his wallet and he puts it on the top of the ticket machine, open. His bus pass – concessionary travel funded by HM government with your local authority.

She is searching for a seat. He picks through a pocket of change and tears off her ticket.

Using the rail as guidance he makes his way to her. The only available seat she gives to him and with a grunt he sits down. His knuckles rubbing the seat as he uses his fists for leverage.

He leans to the left and nestles his wallet into the worn back pocket of his jeans.

Father and daughter?

She reminds him to phone his mother. He texts his mother. She shakes her head, untangles her headphones from the bristles of her hairbrush. He asks her what’s wrong with this phone and holds it out. She takes it, presses a keypad button. She gives it to him and he looks at it.

Grandad and granddaughter?

No he tells her this why is it doing this? She leans forward. Her loose vest top tents and he peers downwards. He groans.

Stand up straight he tells her. I’m trying to help you she laughs, straightening. You know what you’re doing he mutters darkly, smiling at her and stealing a kiss. Come here and he opens his arms.


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