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Minimalism Monday - Recyclable Or Trash- My Minimal Hoarding life

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~~ There is nothing like a marathon of Hoarders on A&E to get me motivated. ~~

New year, new me? No, I cannot go as far as to say "new me" but I will make a better me this year, and how do I know this? Because I have determination, even when I doubt myself that drive to make it is there, don`t give up I tell myself, there is always light at the end of that tunnel.

I cleaned up before the new year got here, I wanted to have a nice clean place to lounge for the day and I have to say it was nice for a change to only cook and wash up the dishes.

I also had " things" set aside to take out today.

A hoard that I know many can relate to, magazines. I somehow (No I know how! its publishers clearing house promising to make me rich! To be standing in the post office waiting on me with balloons and a giant million dollar check so I order those mags, just for that one chance to be rich) I end up with stacks of read magazines. I still make that excuse that there is a recipe I want to keep to hoard back that one copy.

Last year I cut back to only two magazines, Southern Living and better homes & gardens, that was a good start. Then I looked in the closet and seen a year of 2015 Wired and a couple strays. They are all going. I have to tell myself the truth, that I am not ever going to open that magazine and reread it, get rid of it.

Recyclable Or Trash?

Now will I recycle them? Or will I take them to my sister, okay I better ask her first, either or, they are outta here!

I recycle, I have been recycling even before I got my own home, probably because my dad recycled everything, especially if he got paid for his trash.

Last year I began selling every thing to the recycling center, but sometimes that creates a hoarding mess! I needed more than one little sack a week of paper so I piled it up till I had a real load! Tin cans can be sold also but that just did not work for me, making a couple pennies verses the mess and maybe even inviting rats to hang out was not worth it to me so I am back to donating all paper, cardboard and tin cans once a week.


I do take in the aluminum cans, coke cans. I usually put a trash bag in the big trash can and fill it. Once a month I go sell them. I can get from $4.00 to $10, depending on how many diet cokes are consumed a month and if my sister tosses her cans as her gift to me for recycling.

You maybe thinking that is not much each month, and the gas to take them. Well we have a recycling center right in the middle of town, so its never out of the way, and I just load them up when I am planning to go into town.

How much did I make last year?

March to December $50.33

January and February receipts are missing so I guesstimate based on other receipts $16.00

For a balance of $66.33

Not to bad for trash. So yes aluminum cans are worth the storage to recycle for money.

Having problems getting started? No problem just read 5 Tips To Get The Clutter Under Control In 2017 to get you started.

By Andria Perry

Photo by Andria Perry

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