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Haiku on the Pelicans of Frigate Bay in St. Kitts

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I enjoyed spending some time with friends on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts in February. The pelicans at Frigate Bay were fascinating to watch.

I  tried to capture some of their maneuvers with my cell phone camera and wrote a couple of haiku.

Pelicans fall like dead weight

straight down into the ocean, diving

beak first, swallowed up

[Notebook sketch of a pelican by me.]

three pelicans dive,

rise up, swoop in formation,

dive again into the sea

The way they dive in formation is so graceful and neat, but with my cell phone camera I can't keep up with their maneuvers, I lose them.

I try & I try

no--too hard to capture

freedom on the wing

[Drawing of pelicans by me.]

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