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Please, Make Every Day No Interruptions Day

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No Interruptions Day

As I write this, it's the day declared by someone somewhere to be No Interruptions Day. I hope it lives up to its name. Perhaps you are wondering what the header photo has to do with that. Perhaps you are wondering even what that photo is. Let me know in the comments if you guessed correctly. Hint -- it was an untimely but necessary interruption of what I'd planned. We will get to it later. 

Why I Wanted to Rest Yesterday

The night before yesterday I had a case of heart palpitations. Nothing to worry about, says the cardiologist. Take an extra half pill and rest. I was so tired I could barely sit in my chair to read and didn't feel good enough yet to get ready for bed. My head also wasn't working right. So my husband asked if I had called Charter about the phone service being out. 

No. I hadn't and didn't feel like it. That's why I hadn't called. We had gotten home from a holiday trip to find a warning from Avast that my router wasn't secure and I needed to upgrade the firmware on it and reset my password. I spent nearly two hours on the phone with various tech support people to get that done, and I had to have a blog post written by midnight that night. Did I mention I was also exhausted? It was when I went to call tech support I'd discovered my phone was out. I was almost glad it was out. It wouldn't ring and interrupt me

My husband, though, decided to call Charter for me, even though I begged him not to. I knew the cable box was on the floor in the office and he wouldn't be able to reach for it. I knew they would start asking him to do things with it. I still wasn't up to moving. Every time I got up the palpitations started again. Nevertheless, he called,  they asked him to get the box and check things, as I knew they would. 

I told him where it was but he picked up my backup drive on my computer stand instead and put it on my chair and said he couldn't figure out where the lights were. So I had to come in. (My husband is my #1 interrupter. I love him and wouldn't want to be without him, but he is the primary reason I will can't fully celebrate No Interruptions Day.) I finally had to take over the phone call and tell the tech we weren't up to messing with the box. I answered some questions about our account and gave the phone back to my husband. 

The Charter Service Call

They said they would have to reset the connection and they would send someone out the next day between 10 and 11. I was already sure it wouldn't happen that way. He would call to confirm first. When Hubby's cell phone rang I was still in bed and Hubby wasn't near it. When I got up about 8:30, a bit too early, I had to tell him to check his messages. Then the guy wanted to come even earlier. I was barely out of bed and needed to prepare for him, still feeling lousy. 

My New Modem from Charter for Phone and Internet

I'll skip the other details and just say that when he left we had an updated box and he'd had me shut down the computers so he could reset the internet service as well as the phone. Then he told me the phone and internet were now on the same box and they would both be either on or off together.  At least the box is smaller and now accessible to both Hubby and me. The service call was the first interruption yesterday.

Split Pea Soup

Now to that header photo. On Christmas Eve, when my friend was cutting her ham, I noticed she was putting the end pieces with hard ends into the trash. She did the same with slices that had lots of fat attached. This hurt my thrifty heart, so when I asked if she was throwing away those pieces that would make good soup, she offered to put the rest she was going to throw away in a bag. She also gave me the entire bone. I had a small cooler in the car and each motel had a small refrigerator, so I figured the meat would be safe to take home. It was also quite cold outside. 

When I left for the holiday trip I'd not been planning on making split pea soup or any soup. As it turned out, if I'd brought a bigger cooler, I would have come home with a turkey carcass in addition to the ham bone. I make better pea soup than turkey soup so I was almost glad my cooler was small. Still, though, making pea soup, wonderful opportunity that it was, hadn't been on my to-do list for my first few days back home

The day before the cable man came I had put the ingredients in the crockpot and cooked them until the peas were soft. By evening my palpitations started and it was all I could do to get the pot in the refrigerator to cool and congeal the fat at the top. After the Charter man and my husband left the next day, I pulled the pot out and started to remove the fat with a spoon. In the photo below I had removed part of it. 

After removing all the congealed fat on the surface and trimming all the fat from the bone and meat pieces and cutting all the remaining meat into pieces. I was tired. I put the meat back in the soup and let it simmer until dinner time. I took a break to relax a bit before eating dinner and trying to get some writing done. Unfortunately, my muse had already retired for the night.  

So How is No Interruptions Day Working Out?

So far, not so well. Hubby seems to be staying home today. I've told him I really need to write today, so he's only interrupted a couple of times. Right now I'm making hay while the sun shines, even though I'm making sentences, not hay, and rain is expected. I think I'm about ready for a bowl of that pea soup.

How many interruptions have you had today? Do you agree that every day should be No Interruptions Day? Did you correctly identify what was in the header photo?

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