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Creationist Conspiracy Theory

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In a post-factual environment, creationists can't even keep their own stories straight from one day to another.  David Klinghoffer, from the creationist Discovery Institute, complained that biologists took exception to an on-line petition asking the Trump administration to ban the teaching of evolution.  He claimed that the petition "is a very likely phony, transparently so, a false flag operation carried out not by evolution critics but by Darwinists."

In a piece in The Huffington Post  I called him out for making such a ridiculous claim.  But Klinghoffer is not easily deterred.  He responded the following day by saying, "I don't believe in conspiracies, and there's no need for one to explain what happened here."

So which is it?  The original petition was a false flag conspiracy undertaken by those in favor of evolution or there's no conspiracy here?  Klinghoffer wants it both ways, which is fully in keeping with the premises of The Discovery Institute. We're opposed to evolution, they say.  We're in favor of design, they say.  But we have no religious motivations, they argue.  Yeah, right. 

Regardless of what Klinghoffer and the Discovery Institute want anyone to believe, evolutionary theory is the best science has to offer.  And regardless of what they want anyone to believe, religious leaders, more than 14,000 of them in the United States, understand exactly that point and want evolution and not some narrow form of religion taught in our public school science classrooms and laboratories.  See who these religious leaders are for yourself by going to The Clergy Letter Project.

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