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A Sorrowful Song to Palden Lhamo,a Protector,by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

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The following song calling for protection of innocents by His Holiness, is meant to evoke Palden Lhamo, pictured above.

A Sorrowful Song to Palden Lhamo by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Expanse of Great Bliss, all-pervading, free from elaborations,

with either angry or desirous forms related to those to be subdued,

You overpower the whole apparent world, Samsara and Nirvana.

Sole Mother, Lady Victorious Over the Three Worlds,

please pay attention here and now!

During numberless eons, by relying upon and accustoming Yourself to the extensive conduct of the Bodhisattvas, which others find difficult to follow,

You obtained the power of the sublime Vajra Enlightenment; Loving Mother, You watch and don't miss the (right) time. The winds of conceptuality dissolve into space.

Vajra-dance of the mind which produces all the animate and inanimate world, as the sole friend yielding the pleasures of existence and peace,

Having conquered them all, You are well praised as the Triumphant Mother.

By heroically guarding the Dharma and Dharma-holders, with the four types of actions, flashing like lightning You soar up openly, like the full moon in the midst of a garland of powerful Dharma Protectors. When from the troublesome nature of this most degenerated time the hosts of evil omens -- desire, anger, deceit -- increasingly rise, even then Your power is unimpeded, sharp, swift and limitless.

How wonderful! Longingly remembering You, O Goddess, from my heart,I confess my broken vows and satisfy all Your pleasures.

Having enthroned You as the Supreme Protector, Greatest amongst the Great, [I] accomplish Your appointed tasks with unflinching energy!

Fierce protecting deities and Your retinues who, in accordance with

the instructions of the Supreme Siddha, the Lotus-born Vajra, and by the power of karma and prayers, have a close connection as Guardians of Tibet, heighten Your majesty and increase Your powers!

All beings in the country of Tibet , although destroyed by the enemy and tormented by unbearable suffering, abide in the constant hope of glorious freedom.

How could they bear to not be given Your compassionate hand?

Thus please come forth to face the great murderers, the malevolent enemy.

O Lady who performs the actions of war and weapons;

Dakini, I summon You with this sorrowful song:

The time has come to bring forth

Your skill and power.

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