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Looking for the perfect perfume to this holiday season

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To be honest, not only we should eat with relatives, friends or colleagues these holidays. Besides, we should own a good scent. This is why I am writing this to buy the perfect perfume for this Christmas.


The number of perfumes on display is tremendous. What is more, there are plenty of celebrities and famous personalities who advertise one. 

This is the time when a higher number of perfumes are sold. As a result, my task perhaps is not so easy although I have already selected 5 fragrances I know in advance to make my mission easier.

Commercials are really powerful and I should take them into account. I am going to highlight 5 perfumes talking about their mighty advertising campaigns, to decide which one I must buy for Christmas.

          Light Blue Dolce and Gabanna

The iconic Light Blue by Dolce and Gabanna has changed a sunny spot on Capri, Mediterranean Sea, to a snowy mountain on the Alps. The stars are still the same. British model David Gandy and Italian supermodel Bianca Balti. 

Their passionate kiss and this new version make me to bear it on mind

                 212 Vip Carolina Herrera

Exclusiveness, this is what 212 VIP Carolina Herrera sells. On the original version, Australian supermodel Catherine McNeil and Spanish model Jon Kortajarena, attend to an exclusive party in New York City. 

Meanwhile, many ordinary people cannot enter into it as they are not invited. This commercial is a very powerful one. Another perfume on my list!!!

                      212 VIP MEN Carolina Herrera

                One million-Paco Rabanne 

Touching the basic instincts of individuals, a modern man clad in a suit gets everything he wants, a girl undressed, a fancy car and money of course only by snapping his fingers. 

One million dollars is the limit between being rich and not being it. An original idea, another good perfume whose design made in golden yellow adds style to it.

               One Million Intense-Paco Rabanne (new version)

                Be Delicious Men-Donna Karan

Be Delicious by Donna Karan is designed like an apple, the fruit that not only is the emblem of one renowned company as Apple, but also the nickname of Manhattan or the element which gave Eve, the wife of Adam, an eternal curse to women. 

The advertisement shows how a girl chooses an apple to be simply delicious in the eyes of a man in the streets of New York City. 

The new version is called be tempted with a red apple instead of a green one to still be irresistible.

                         BE TEMPTED DONNA KARAN

                Allure Homme Sport-Chanel

Emblematic French label Chanel portraits a man who is so strong he devises the horizon from a cliff while the sea is in turmoil. However, he jumps bravely into the sea successfully. Black and white images add magic to this commercial

                      ALLURE HOME SPORT CHANEL

These are five perfumes that smell great. Their marketing, design, style and commercials are superbly interesting. Which one should I buy on this occasion? Which is your favorite? Should I add other perfumes?

Do share, rate and comment and on this occasion buy a perfect perfume for this Christmas.

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