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As you like it and all the other comedies written by William Shakespeare

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"All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players" Jaques, fool on As you like by William Shakespeare


Comedies of William Shakespeare are not as famous as dramatic plays. What is more, nature of theatre allowed them to be even more complicated when it comes to reading as comedies have been conceived to be seen on the stage. 

Similarly, you can no focus on the same values, on comedies by contrast, one must discover the irony as it is main factor. It is a key element the way As you like it is performed and arrange, otherwise, it could not be a great experience. 

As you like it is particularly special inside the universe of William Shakespeare, the versatility of Shakespeare can be discovered as a result, because he was able to pen an intense drama or pleasant comedies on the other hand.

We can organize all the comedies of William Shakespeare in the following manner.

                            TYPES OF COMEDY

New Comedy: The comedy of errors, Two gentleman of Verona

Pastoral genre: As you like it, Midsummer night´s dream.

Problem plays: All´s well that ends well, Troilus and Cressida, Measure for measure.

As you like it William Shakespeare (painting by Francis Hayman)

Throughout the comedies of William Shakespeare relations between men and women are explained, love and its complexity likewise, and even something else as Merchant of Venice proves, besides the relationship between Jewish people and Christian ones, other subjects such as money, friendship, law and ambition are displayed. 

It is overly difficult to say exactly the dates of publication of comedies of William Shakespeare, some were published on First Folio edition, others on Quarto and some were published once Shakespeare had passed away. More or less we can establish the following dates:


                Two gentleman of Verona 1590

                     The taming of the shrew 1591

                     Love´s Labour´s Lost 1594

                      The comedy of Errors 1594

                    A Midsummer night´s dream 1595

                        The merchant of Venice 1596

                         The merry wives of Windsor 1597

                         As you like it 1599

                         Much ado about nothing 1599

                           Twelfth Night 1600

                            All´s well that ends well 1602

                              Troylus and Cressida 1603

                              Measure for measure 1604  


As you like it is one of the most mature comedies of William Shakespeare insofar as everything regarding the classic subjects of comedies are integrated. 

(As you like it, William Hodges painting)

As you like it has a lot of the pastoral genre, the scenery is a natural landscape, it is not a palace nor the royal court, characters of As you like it disguise themselves having love as its main subject.

At that time, legal issues were very popular inasmuch as the law would give everything to the first-born son of a family; thereby, the rest of the offspring were dependant on the decision of the first son, they may die with nothing there being no generosity at all. As you like it explodes this subject.


Shakespeare was inspired by Rosalynde and Euphues Golden Legacy written by Thomas Lodge and published in 1590. Lodge belonged to University Wits, writers from Oxford and Cambridge who lived in London pursuing a successful career in the world of literature. John Lyly was one of the most illustrious members of this group known as University Wits.

As you like it by William Shakespeare was registered on August, 1600 alongside Henry V, Much ado about nothing and Every man in his humour by Ben Jonson. 

One of the main characters of As you like it is Jaques who utters one of the most memorable sentences on the literature of William Shakespeare (you have read it at the beginning of this post). 

                                    AS YOU LIKE IT DEBUT

This comedy was performed for the first time in 1599 on the Globe. William Shakespeare was a creative genius, able to write dramatic plays as Henry V and at the same time write something so enjoyable as As you like it with a character called Rosalind dazzling throughout the entire play, she escapes from court clad in men´s clothes but she keeps this male attire to show how a woman felt and lived at that epoch. 

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