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A Discouraging Day Online

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I  feel this has been a wasted day. At least I can say I got two loads of laundry done and my bed changed, but it seems the online gremlins have been very busy thwarting my efforts to get any work done online. 

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It started when my husband wanted me to pay the CareCredit Card bill online. I didn't remember having an online account with that particular bank, so I tried to register. Then I learned I did have an account, but I couldn't find my login information. They said I could get my username if I went through the steps of filling out their form with my personal information, account number, and so on. So I did. 

They sent an email to confirm the email address and then I got to go through filling out the form again to update my password. Then they wanted to know the answer to a security question I couldn't remember the answer to. Fortunately, I knew the answer to the second one. Then I had to fill out the form again. 

When I got the confirmation email to reset my password, I had to use all the information to log in again, but I couldn't find any link to actually pay my bill. It was then I learned that bank won't let me use Chrome and I had to open IE, which I hate. Then we went through the whole routine of filling out the infamous form a couple of more times. By this time I was tearing my hair out almost .

Below is the login form I had to fill out at least ten times today.

I finally had to call support to complete my business and had to fill out the form a couple more times before I finished. I have never found a company that made it so hard to pay a bill -- except maybe Verizon. Paying that bill took me about 45 minutes, whereas I could have paid any other credit card bill in five minutes. 

That just got the day started wrong, and I was never able to get back in the groove. I watched some training videos, got the laundry done, changed some colors on one website, and edited a post on another. Most of what I did was tweak things -- no real writing today. 

There was one good thing. I did see some new sales on both Amazon and Zazzle. I  needed that bit of encouragement. 

How has your day been? 

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