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So Thursday's pic 20 is remembering the legend of the Kitchenelves. It is as a PDF here: Click the cover picture to get to the story. It clarifies some points mentioned in the latest adventure, 'Elves & the Agro Adventure'. The Kitchenelves was my prep school what comes to digital art. I started with a mouse, then was donated an old tablet. Learned a lot.

When we had a graphic design course in art school, that was still the 90's and the computers were biggish and slow. I took what I needed. I could design a simple poster, and crop the photos of my paintings. There has been huuuuuge development since. I was just interested doing painting, so I didn't keep up with the changes, until this comic bug bit me. Still, in some ways, I thought it would all still be faster, like the ´flatting' process. Flatting is  a painfully slow process of using the lasso tool to choose(click  in the middle of your outlines)  the different surfaces, so you can later color them up to the edges, and change/work on  the colors easily. It's also a means of income for many comics people, as they do it for others.  

Anyway, I have no regrets, on the contrary. I've learned so much and I could express myself the way I wanted to. 'Elves & the Agro Adventure' is already light years further from my 'prep school'. Next week comes the 'Everything-I-did- wrong' post. Stay tuned.

Ah, here's the cover pic of Kitchenelves Revolution- without the title- because I would do that differently now. : )

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