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The Dark Secret

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You'll hear more about that later. But for now, just begin to think there is a way beyond the pain and into a new life, no matter how far down you've fallen; no matter how much the dark secret (your negative side) has controlled your life there is a way out. For example:

Listen to Jackie S, a prior client of mine, as she explains how we can challenge and release ourselves from this dark secret:

"For 17 years I've tried to find an answer to life's pain from early childhood trauma, to adolescent hormones, to young adult mistakes."

(Jackie S., like so many of us was stuck. How did I help her get unstuck? How can you get past the issues Jackie S. faced, or other issues you are dealing with in your life now?)

I had been working with Jackie S. for a long time. I had shared with her my thoughts on healing and changing your life. Obviously she took in what I had said, because as she continued, I heard the seed I had planted in her heart was starting to grow -

She goes on to say, "It starts from sorting through your emotions one by one. Beginning with guilt, anger, fear, and shame, to embark on the journey of understanding the dark secret.

Hanging onto painful memories is the power of the dark secret.

To apply the simplicity of the dark secret is to learn how to let go of painful issues. By letting go, I now understand the pain from my past was consuming any joy for my future.

"I now believe challenging the dark secret is the key to a happy life."

To challenge your dark secret (Jackie S.) began by verbalizing what it is that was making her feel anxious or becoming upset for no apparent reason. She made a list of how she felt about stressful problems and issues.

This can be difficult because her emotions kept getting in the way. She needed to say to herself - "I am in the now. I am in the presence of Spirit and I am safe and calm". Sometimes you have to walk away from your list. It's ok to set it aside if you find yourself getting too disturbed. You don't have to do it all at once. Keep addressing your feelings and the dark secret behind those issues until you are ready to move on and let go.

The letting go process requires you to ponder the following questions:

* What are you holding on to that you know is a negative problem, issue, or concern?

* What positive thought can you put in place of the negative?

* Most importantly, how can you take better care of yourself?

This process, without doubt, will initiate your journey to overcoming barriers and achieving your hopes, dreams, and goals.

(Start your journey today by listening to the beautiful tune, "Secret Garden." )

(For more information on Reflections: Journey to God, please visit our blog via the link below.)

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