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Truth about movie Eyes Wide Shut, final masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick

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Eyes Wide Shut is based upon a book named Dream Story, that was written by Arthur Schnitler in 1926. This book is about marriage and how time destroys everything. Its main protagonist enters into a strange world during carnival festivities. 


What Stanley Kubrick did want to convey with this iconic movie Eyes Wide Shut is that marriage it is only a modern form of prostitution, contingent upon the fact the only thing women can truly offer men is sex, and the only thing do really men offer to women is money. 

Eyes Wide Shut

The book Dream story it is the only one that appears during the whole film, it is seen in an apartment when Tom Cruise visits a girl.

What is more, this movie belies a hidden meaning to show how the really winners within our society are unknown to the public. The ones who rule the world operate in the shadow, they are invisible.  

Similarly, Illuminati messages can be found during the whole film. Those whom we consider winners (as the main character of Tom Cruise) are only laughable pawns.

Eyes Wide Shut- Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick disappeared from earth; he was hidden in his beloved England. Insofar as he was not able to make his dream project about his idol Napoleon, he was studying how to adapt the aforementioned book; Dream Story. 

All of a sudden, he presented Eyes Wide Shut. So talented Stanley Kubrick was, and so relevant his figure was that it still unclear whether he was to end Eyes Wide Shut in the way we can watch it, or if he was going to end it in other manner. 

People close to him assure he was not happy at all with the movie at the stage he left it. It was hinted that perhaps he was to change the end as he perished just before the premiere of Eyes Wide Shut and several endings did exist, albeit many experts truly believe that ambiguous interpretation and the current open end of Eyes Wide Shut was what Stanley Kubrick was looking for in reality.

There are 3 possible interpretations of the final Eyes Wide Shut message, but the most reliable it is which is included at the beginning of this post. 

Truth is producers took advantage of the death of Stanley Kubrick to play with mystery and it turned out to be profitable. 

Eyes Wide Shut may not be finest masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick but it has some wonderful scenes therein. In fact, every scene hides a story; there are studies about Eyes Wide Shut because a lot of issues are ignored when you see it for the first time.

It dawns on me that time will tell how great Eyes Wide Shut in real terms is. Likewise, it is unclear to me why it was so panned at the time it was released. People got confused and many only saw flesh forgetting the real meaning of every scene. 

Eyes Wide Shut Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise

Eyes Wide Shut played adroitly with at that time cool marriage Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (they seemed the perfect couple, but more than a decade has passed since they broke up) 

Eyes Wide Shut tells of at first sight enviable marriage, a wealthy one, they have a daughter, they are beautiful, brilliant, they seemed flawless!!!

One day nonetheless, Nicole Kidman confesses her true inner feelings creating a hole inside the marriage, hence during one night, Tom Cruise meets an old friend who introduces him in a dark world.

Dream of Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick did want to shoot the best movie from all cinematographic genres. Scrutinizing his filmography one can find a epoch drama (Barry Lyndon), a terror movie (The Shining), a war movie (Full Metal Jacket) etc...  

Eyes Wide Shut can be deemed as a suspense movie although it can belong to several genres, yet at what it is perfect is to end the career of Stanley Kubrick. 

Eyes Wide Shut Last masterpiece of Kubrick

So impacted Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were with the sudden departure of Stanley Kubrick, they lent money to launch a project named "Stanley Kubrick live in images". 

They two have special memories of Stanley Kubrick (Tom Cruise is perhaps the only one actor who has worked with the best and major filmmakers ever; Coppola, Scorsese, Kubrick or Spielberg

Similarly, there are interesting anecdotes as the one that says Kubrick humiliated Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman many times while filming.

Eyes Wide Shut 

Indeed, the shooting of Eyes Wide Shut was so intense and Kubrick exploited the couple so hard that they ended up worn out. 

What is more, a superb actor like Harvey Keitel abandoned the movie as he was utterly tired of Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick made them to repeat some scenes more than 80 times!!!! 

Techniques of Stanley Kubrick were anathema to most of humans!!! (Harvey Keitel was going to play the role of the older doctor)

If someone wants to learn how to make a masterpiece try to watch the farewell movie of one of the best genius of all times; Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick. 

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