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Lara Croft Video Game Reptilian Brain

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A visual stimulus of a symbol makes its direct way from your eyeballs to the Reptilian-brain-stem of a dinosaur survival, which initiates an emotional reaction, before your Mammalian midbrain, and higher Hominid brain can get a retinal cortex handle on it. 

As an Artist you may be aware that a painting initiates a Reptilian-brain-stem feeling among the audience, before their Mammalian brains conceptualises its meaning, which of a further intellectual analysis of the Hominid brain, might be used to avoid how the perceiver really felt; but the Reptilian-brain-stem feeling cannot be denied. 

In ancient times your body, more so that of your (brain) head was symbolised as a world mountain or that of a pyramid, whose three world layers are associated with the Reptilian-brain-stem base, the Mammalian mid-brain and the higher Hominid brain. 

Wherefore, the science of Neuro-advertising utilises certain symbolic stimuli in order to zap your Reptilian-brain-stem base of the pyramid, where your raw desires are to be found, which influences what you are attracted to or repulsed by, even if you do not consciously admit it. 

Video games are another example of Reptilian-brain-stem activation, which excites a Pavlovian fight or flight response, or that of exciting a need for security by acquiring better digital gear; whereas the Reptilian-brain-stem need for procreation is usually not directly dealt with in video games, which is otherwise catered for with eye candy, due to the religious stigma and censorship concerning human sexuality. 

However, even the sexualised eye candy is considered to be unpalatable to many, since it is somewhat obvious that the video game character, Lara Croft, of an example, is a desired eye candy 'Anima' archetype of a mate for heterosexual males, who is otherwise played by females as their Avatar; such is of course dependent upon the sexual orientation of the player. 

But what is not covered, and quaintly overlooked, is that many of the male characters of an 'Animus' archetype in video games are eye candy for heterosexual female players, who are Reptilian-brain-stem attracted to certain male types, which also applies to those of a homosexual persuasion. 

The act of playing a video game can be construed as being a form of meditation, which can lead to a trance state identification with the character you are playing, or otherwise attracted to. Due to the Reptilian-brain-stem emotional intensity of playing a game, its artistic symbolic stimuli can be implanted into the dream, which will eventually initiate (virtual reality) lucid dreams of evolutionary mind expansion. 

You can then assume the Avatar guise of the character you have prior played in a game within a lucid dream. Or that of interacting with the three-dimensional interactive reality of say, Lara Croft, for example, to otherwise Mantra name as Ronovea out of a grimoire, who to manifest within a lucid dream as an inspiring Art Muse.     

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