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STEPPING INTO ANOTHER WORLD: A Dazzling Sojourn to a Remote Buddhist Monastery

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Step into another world                                                                                                  A Buddhist monastery perched in-between misty mountains

Hundreds of monks debating                                                                                         Deliberating in maroon and gold                                                                                 on the teachings of old

A majestic stupa                                                                                                            Rainbow mandalas enveloping a powerful Buddha                                           Gazing over rows where acolytes chant ancient sutras

Stepping into another world                                                                                 Surreal yet intimately real all at once                                                                            A window into a vision of reality rooted in the supernatural                                 And in tune with the natural world

The finer points of the philosophy are contemplated                                               Perhaps overstated

Past, present and future are never fully known                                                         Nor do they need to be                                                                                                     An unwavering faith in the unknown abides                                                      Awaiting the seeker at all times

Dusk sets in and casts shadows across the marble courtyards                                    Where the monks deliver their closing arguments                                                      

The wheel of the Dharma above the temple entrance is silhouetted                          In front of a dreamy pink-grey twilight

Within each of us there is a fight                                                                           Enter the arena and try with all your might                               

Easy does it                                                                                                                   There is no time limit                                                                                             Whatever it is                                                                                                                You will surely find it

Words & Images: Matthew Schroeder

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