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Girls Run The World?

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Since I heard that they are in the process of remaking Ocean's 11 with a female cast, I got really angry. 

I don't see it as a victory for my gender, I see it as these amazing beautiful actresses are taking leftovers from their male colleagues. It's like they are telling us, yes you do come from the bone of the male God made first. 

They deserve better! We deserve better! Why do they have to go and make that movie? 

This is the Cast: 

Dakota Fanning

Helena Bonham Carter 

Sarah Paulson

Anne Hathaway 

Sandra Bullock 

Cate Blanchett

Mindy Kaling 


You're telling me that there's no original scripts around for them to work together?  

I mean these women are pretty amazing, and incredibly smart, Sandra Bullock has her own production company called Fortis Films. 

Mindy Kaling wrote for "The Office" (she started at 26) and later went on to create, direct, produce, write, and star on her own show "The Mindy Project" and she's still doing that despite FOX cancelling it, she fought and the show is now on Hulu. 

So what kind of message them re-doing a movie simply for changing the gender of the protagonist, is sending to little girls who want to be actresses or producers in the business. 

This is probably a rant I know but it's been killing me... when are we going to get to see an all male cast of "Legally Blonde", "Miss Congeniality" or "Steel Magnolias"? then I think we can be equal... I hate to feel like their doing a favor to women by letting them have these roles. 

I want to see a "Pretty Man" where a rich woman like Kate Winslet pays a male prostitute that could be played by Ryan Gosling and then give him money to buy himself a nice suit. I want that because "Pretty Man" sounds stupid to people, sounds like he's a little boy, or people more twisted it sounds like he is gay, because nobody can say "pretty" to a men... you call them handsome

If women are taking on roles that used to be portrayed by men then the reverse should happen too. 

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