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Reflections on Spirituality

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Do you think there is a difference between spirituality and religion? Of course there are many remarkable and inspiring religions in the world. Most religions prescribe a set of doctrines, dogma, and organized rituals designed to bring you in contact with the Divine. Whereas, spirituality sets you completely free to explore your own inner journey to God.

My wife Susan and I will be sharing our spiritual journey with you. We believe strongly that you are completely free to reject everything we say about the nature of Divinity. Our hunch is that since God expresses Infinite Good, Light, and Love, there are probably an infinite number of ways to experience your God-Connection.

For example, recently I was plagued with some perplexing and difficult situations. It had to do with trying to control the nature and outcomes of some community groups with which I was participating. Despite all I did, all I prayed for, all that I cajoled and recommended, I could not manifest the hopes, dreams, and goals I envisioned for these organizations. This caused me a great deal of stress, frustration, worry, pressure, and angst.

Can you relate to having some pressure inside of you that hangs on and refuses to go away? There are probably an endless list of problems, challenges, and setbacks, right?

From a religious point of view, one solution might be to ask God to forgive me for my sins. From a spiritual perspective, Susan recommend that I go within and set myself free by being kind, loving, gentle, and forgiving of myself. Can you see the difference here?

I was forgiving myself for trying so hard to control things. It was a mistake, a very human one. I was truly sorry. By loving myself unconditionally, I was able to surrender completely to Spirit and Divine Guidance. Wow! I felt immediate relief. I remain open today to new possibilities and all the different options that God will present.

Spirit is every where, all we need do is reach in and connect. God is not outside of you or me. We are already Divine Beings, always connected to the Father.

What works for us may not work for you. But if you are dissatisfied with trying one way to find joy, freedom from fear and useless anger, becoming a less critical and controlling person and following a serene and loving path, you might be willing to go on your own spiritual journey within.

(For more information on spirituality and our new book, Reflections: A Journey to God, just visit our spiritual blog at the link below.)

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