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Reflections: A Journey to God

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This is a preview of our new spiritual book, which my wife Susan and I actually wrote together. It is  a collection of meditative essays.

This is the kind of book you read for a while and then reflect on what you've discovered. Don't feel compelled to read it cover to cover. You might want to start with the first essay, "Heaven Consciousness". It sets the tone and theme of the book, which is, we can all access a state of heaven consciousness right now, today.

We suggest you take your time. Thumb through the other articles. Find one that appeals to you: ponder it; meditate a while; even read it out loud.

Susan and I promise you will find an essay that speaks to your mind, your heart, your spirit, and your soul. When this clicks, we believe you will experience a better life. You may even become willing to join together with many other people who work tirelessly to create a more spiritual, peaceful and loving world.

Ultimately our book offers you a glimpse into our own spiritual journeys. Consider this an invitation for you to begin or renew your own journey to God.

One thing is for certain: Contemplating our essays (some of which are available on our blog) will definitely help you release fears, stressful thoughts, and other forms of negative energy, which can hold you back from all that you are meant to be.

Feel the Light; accept the Light; enjoy the Light; let your Light shine.

All of us have an inalienable, spiritual right to experience a personal relationship with the Divine within us and all around us. When we know and feel the Infinite Presence, that God-Connection, life will hold new meaning. Suddenly your Divine Purpose will be revealed.

In summary, there are many pathways to Spirit. We are all completely free and unlimited to make our own magnificent discoveries.

We thought you might appreciate the following five steps that we use to apply all of the material, which we will share with you in this book. Keep in mind our spiritual approach is not a linear model; it is more of a circle, a wheel of life, an infinity system:

• Contemplate the nature of Spirit.

• Contemplate the nature of your True Self.

• Open your heart to feel the presence of Unconditional Love.

• Release all negativity by shining a Light on the problem.

• In the Silence, spend time with God.

The circle continues... and you are a part of it.

(Our book is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, please click on the video here.)

Or you might want to view our interview at the link below.

And check out our first book review on the next page!

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