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40 Days Before The Sheriff -Adventures Of A Landlady

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Finally! Today was the day. The sheriff set out one of my tenants that refused to move, and at the swiftness of the judge to sign the papers I can only assume he is in the system and she seen his name as doing this to people all the time.

The reason for eviction was the drinking and destruction of my house, busting out windows and kicking in the door, and the very worst part was that they would call me when drunk after they had torn up something! They wanted to me come and replace a window because they busted it out, I said " no, you read the lease, you broke it you fix it." Then she left and I let him stay since she was NOT going to be living there, not 4 days after paying rent she came back, I evicted him because I was not putting up with that. She moved out again after another fight and I told her she was not allowed to be on my land and don`t come back, she didnt. Then this guy thought he could move 3 more people in and all would be okay. I told him no that he is evicted and that was when he told me the courts would have to put him out, so they did!

I think that he thought he would get a few months rent free but he didnt, I evicted him on the month he paid, the courts took 40 days and that is all he got. BUT the courts awarded me what I asked for and court costs, will I get the money? Probably because I got 20 years to collect and I will use the courts to collect and not pay another dime.

Now what happened?

My sister calls me at 8 am, I am to be there to meet the sheriff at 9 am, telling me he is moving. Well, that took some of the thrill of watching the prisoners dump the stuff to the driveway. I show up and she said that he has not came back, but the dog was there on the porch howling.

I wait at her place across the street from my house and th tenant shows up, he gets out of a truck and the truck leaves. He walks down the road and mumbles something, I said " are you talking to me?" He yelled "I left your F`in key in the house, like the cop said to do!" I said " you don`t have to talk like that!" and that is when he said " I will F you up." and that is when I called the police but when he seen Tony get out of the truck he ran away. So... now I have the city police and the county Sheriff BOTH in the driveway.

I made a report with the city, just in case something comes up, then the sheriff went in the house and checked it out, I told them what furniture was mine and within the hour everything else was out.

The deputy told me they have been evicting people for eight weeks straight, every day, I knew I had to wait 10 days for my turn but he told me my eviction was much cleaner than usual, I was floored because the house is filthy. Out of curiosity I asked " Do y`all come and ask them to move before you get here?" He said " yes, we always hope its empty when we get here" and I asked when they asked him and he told me last Thursday.

A few neighbors picked over the stuff (Taking about a truck load!) while I went to buy a new door lock, since they kicked in that one and it was broke, and to get the window filled because they broke out the large pane.

Tony put the window back in and nailed the trim back, I installed the new door lock and cleaned a little. Next I loaded the truck and took it to the salvation army thrift store and donated. One more load went to the dump and I was done with that stuff.

I am retiring this house for the time being because I am already working on a project and I know I will have another house to clean and repair and rent that is in 100% better shape and cleanliness than this one.

That was my first complete to the end court ordered eviction.

Now for filth..... the pictures. The kitchen sink.

The kitchen facet:

The bathroom sink:

The toilet, that is right they busted off the seat! And peed in the toilet and no water on.

The bath tub : what was under that mat?!

The bedroom carpet! Where the bed was on the floor is the only clean spot.

The living room carpet that is less than a year old.

Now you know why I was like " huh?!?!?!"{ add a smashed up, in horror face right here!} when the sheriff said this one is not so bad.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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