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SPELLBOUND IN PERU: Alpine Climbing in the Beautiful Cordillera Blanca

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A collection of some of the mountains I climbed and had the privilege of seeing during my spellbinding adventure to Peru. All images are originals taken by my first Canon camera! Hope you enjoy and are inspired to get out into the mountains!

Slow and steady up Paria (5720m), a superb climb with really crispy snow and ice conditions and awesome weather.

The fabled 'lost city' of the Incas, Macchu Pichu.

Tauliraju (5830m) up close the night before the summit push. The route we took was along the glacier on the right and then up the steep ridge.

Dawn magic. Chacraraju (6112m) in the background on the way up Pisco (5750). All stands still high up in the abode of snows. Heaven is a breath away.

Tauliraju (5830m) in the distance! What a stunning climb this was!

Aguja (5888m) frosted with precarious looking cornices on the west face.

East face of Caraz (6032m) at dusk. That boulder you see to the left of the little stream is about the size of a small house!

Yannapacha (5593) framed between some trippy rocks. Pretty cool TV screen eh?

Jose taking a breather enroute to the summit of Quittaraju (6055m).

Roped up with butterfly knots on a glacier with Gabriel and Jose on the way the incredible Quittaraju.

Alpamayo. Known by some climbers as the 'most beautiful mountain in the world'.

Tauliraju (5830) setting the scene during an afternoon stroll.

Vaqueria (3700m) along the way to bigger peaks in the heart of the park.

Blissed out in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru.

You got me bro? Think I might need to take a, just kidding!

On top of the world! Summit of Yannapacha! Few feelings quite compare to getting to the top of a big mountain!


Words & Images: Matthew Schroeder

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