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Endless City

The building of the future may not just be a place where you can have you house in, but a place where you can run your entire life in.

"Endless City" is a project designed by SURE architecture that claims it's vision is not of a mere building, but of an entire self-sustaining eco system where people have no need to leave.

According to "Endless City is meant to exist in London, and it’s made up of six steel tubes located at the top that support two ramps. The tubes enclose different elements that are influx within the building including energy, waste, and water. Its overall shape attempts to maximize passive energy and reduce artificial lighting, cooling, and heating needs. When these things are required, they are distributed vertically along the ramps and are linked with bridges. The “endless” ramps meander throughout the skyscraper starting from the ground"

It sure offers an interesting view of what the future may bring.

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