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     From knowing nothing of Configa a month or two ago I have come to know this surgical beat beast from the UK who has carried the sound known as boombap like the last soldier since the golden era of hip hop in the 90's. He has through it all stayed true to his sound and his mission- Underground and Independent. Why? Because the people you do see on big labels are fed what to speak, dressed like Ken barbie dolls, and have no control over their works. In this day and age most so called indie labels are subsidiaries of big labels and only own the name not the the fine print.

      And in this corner weighing in on all issues important is a Queens verbal monster reminiscent of Krs-One and Rakim flows. Mr.Rhyme Grinder himself- HaStyle. He is able to jump tempo, switch styles, and flip without mumbling or ad libs to break timing. This to me is the sign of a real rap 'Artist' instead of a 'wrapper' that looks the part. Hastyle maintains control steadily diving all around Configas beats. For the depth of production he HaStyle has mad lyrical skills and every word is a part of his message. No drug addict anthems here, thank you! It is easy to fall into their trance with the first single from their new album ‘Hastility’ or H1 for short and, without noticing, you are operating on the rhythm pulsing from the speakers. 

      In a time when beats pretty much are copy pasted waste and rap has devolved into mumbling jumbled verses you can't understand, this album is CPR to Hip Hop. Scarface himself of ‘The Ghetto Boys’ fame was quoted saying, “Hip hop is dead” in a recent interview. If true then H1 must be a zombie because it’s depth is an apocalypse of massive proportions. You won’t find any bling, lean, or tight jeans being hyped in its songs but, you will find a social commentary on almost every real issue happening in the world today. From the media mind control to using Americans as meat shields in war, HaStyle delves into topics nobody seems to speak on.

      The first track 'Dr.Configa' seems to attempt to put you in a trance state only for it to start what is a revolutionary freight train that pulses from ‘Midas Touch’ all the way to the end in a comical skit of Hastyle on the phone with a big label exec that is humbling yet hilarious. Even joking there is a message there. Boombap originated in late 80's to early 90's and has largely been left for plug n' play beats but, not for Configa.  He has carried it, revolutionized it, and took it to the level that is his signature, a truly unique style he has owned similar to Dr.Dre beats that just sound off when done by anybody else. The depth and levels of the rhythm and the interweaving effects blend into what I can say is an army of sound pounding onward for war.

     HaStyle delivers clean tight acrobatic magic as he rides this like a rodeo bull in an evolution of his message in every track. ‘Midas Touch’ showcases an intro of his elevated lyrical skills and is a warm up of what you are getting into. ‘Mind Control’ is a topical overview of all the issues he speaks deeper on later. Not to mention El Da Sensei features a snap back slap that seems to be its own beat in each line of his verse.

      The second single released from the album ‘Nightmares’ dives into the inner wars in the mind of conscious thought as it witnesses the atrocities in the world today as viewed by none other, HaStyle. Then we pray in the interlude. ‘Channel Zero’ slides us back into media control, lies of the government, and the elite few and their abuse of the common man today.

     ‘Hastility’ was the first single released and HaStyle spits fire like a beast. It is really a stand-out track and Configa killed this beat. It will have you addicted to boombap claiming ConfigArmy, his dedicated inner circle of fans, in the first verse. You won’t hear a single song on the radio that can touch a single bar in this song. It’s HaStyle!

      ‘Substance Abuse’ comes in as a call to action for the massive addiction rate we have today. ‘Soldier’s March’ speaks on the wasted wars we fight with Chino XL handing a syllable slaughter direct to the airwaves. Break it down, you will see what I mean. ‘This World’ features Rashan and calls for unity among all, even for peace among gangs, asking that more step up as activists instead of killers.

     Finally, one of my favorites ‘World War Rap’ a remix that dismembers whack rappers with Prince Po taking them to the morgue. This back to basics message is a true original hip hop anthem that's not to be overlooked declaring everything on the radio garbage. When it finishes you will be sitting there thinking, “You’re absolutely correct the radio plays rap trash compared to this!”

     A hilarious skit closes out the album showing HaStyle as humble yet dedicated to being indie and on his own. Having had many conversations with Configa he encourages me, a mostly unknown poet taking time out of his day to motivate me I understand why this is truly unique. All while destroying the state of what is called hip hop, or as I call it- Pop Hop. Come to know Configa and you will see nothing has gone to his head. Do not mistake it though, he knows his skills and knows his worth standing strong behind the movement he created.

      The cover art is reminiscent of street graffiti sketched out by Jaxie Pie, a very good friend filled with soul, good vibes, and hope. It really is unique in all aspects from the artwork, production, and lyrical standpoints. You can't find this kind of style anywhere these days. Mostly rap has become glamorizing material things and partying. Sadly, it is going the same route of the hair bands of the 80's. Nothing is touching this or has even been in the same solar system in years. If you are a fan of real rap, intelligent lyrics with unique production, and real soul behind it check it out!

Find it here:




Hastility-Configa & HaStyle

Nightmares-Configa & HaStyle

Produced By, Configa @Configa

Header Image By, Jaxie Pie @jaxiepiespokane

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