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AudioBooks: Gotta love them!

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I would like to sell some of my own audiobooks; so what I really need to know — is anybody out there (besides me) remotely interested in the audiobook platform? I love them and always try to find time to listen to them, if given a chance.

It can become a new addiction if you let it. To me it seems a better way to go.

As an author, I try to create my own writings into audiobooks — yet, I don’t know of many other authors (personally) who seem interested in this new, unreached audience. This new audience is HUGE! Take people who are blind, or the elderly that either can’t hold a book upright for the weight of it, or their vision is impaired.

Audiobooks can also be very good for busy people who simply don’t have the patience to sit and read; or perhaps they are commuting in traffic for extended periods of time, daily. Imagine how many books those busy people could read while driving (by simply sitting around in traffic jams! They might even look forward to a good ‘jam-up’ just so they can get through the next chapter, or start a new audiobook they’re keen to ‘read’).

There are various types of audiobooks on the market such as solo-readers, articulating as if it were a story being read to their kids or to someone else. There are dramatically read audiobooks (my favourite) with music, sound effects and multi-layered depths (e.g. stereo, near, far, left, right, reverb etc.). And then there’s the ‘multi-casted’ reads, which equate to a whole–other level of dramatic audiobooks. It’s the dramatics that can really pull you right into the action and the sense of actually being there . . . imagine the ‘Eye of God’ walking with you into a dark, foreboding cave; hear how His voice drops slightly as if not wishing to be discovered, and then Him mentioning the distant waterfall that can be heard somewhere from within the dark, which you can vaguely hear yourself.

Can you hear the dripping of the waters, falling from the cave roof and the tones and resonance of actually being inside the cold, cramped space? . . . Suddenly, you hear the minutest change of rhythm (in the quiet music) warning you of an approaching . . . something! The real power of an audiobook is the fact that (like the written word) you can conjure the scene within your own imagination, but (unlike the written word), certain external forces are charged with authority to literally enhance what is already there and add deeper imagery to your own conjured image. Gotta love them!

Here is a quick link to a heap of Dramatized audiobooks and most of them you can get with 50% off!

You can even get MY OWN audiobooks as a box set HERE:

Ian is interested in many things; he's an Author, Voice Actor, Podcaster and Family Man. He holds a Diploma in NZ Drama, and is currently working towards another Diploma... in Creative Writing. If you wish to connect, or find out more then click over to his site: He is also a firm believer in becoming a 'lifelong learner.'

We shape our future with our words... so make every word count!

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