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Creative Pick, Xavier Esclusa Trias creates outstanding typographic posters. Xavier has worked in Ibiza and Brazil for different advertising agencies and studies graphic design. Currently, he is based in Barcelona as an Art director for his own company,, where he constantly creates great works for his clients. See some of our favourite posters by Xavier below.

“This poster announces the next inauguration of the 3rd restaurant of Arròs i Peix, a restaurant specialising in fish and shellfish. Minimal but flavorful cuisine, which is exactly what we want to capture here, image and typography. ” Xavier Esclusa Trias

“The Arròs i Peix restaurant, located in Girona, is a lively collaborator of the Flower Fest celebrated in Girona city. It was the sixtieth time that the streets of the city were going to be full of flowers. So I decided to use a great 60, aiming this way for a typographical poster. ” Xavier Esclusa Trias

“This poster was used to decorate Shanti, a natural therapy center. It was also widely spread on social networks. To reflect the tenderness and care on which people are treated at this center. The superposition of the flower and the leaves with different opacities shows us the different layers that we as people have, from the surface to the most profound. ” Xavier Esclusa Trias

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