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Song writing ideas… getting (into) the moment

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How do I capture that nugget of a moment for song writing

When I get together to jam with anyone these days, I try to record everything that happens (if I can) to use in my song writing.

Then when I struggle through the playback I find a few nuggets/moments that I can use.

- A groove

- A few bars of a cool hook

- A chord progression

- This comes in handy for:

- Songwriting

- An idea, progression to jam on

- A starting point for an improvisational jam

The equipment I use

I have been using an old Sony Mini Disc Deck, and running a few mics through a 4 channel Boss mixer to the deck.

The mics I use are:

- Shure SM

- Realistic PZM

- Audio Technica AT811

It takes about an extra 15 minutes to set up, do a run through and then I let it record until the disc is full or we are finished. (Which ever comes first).

Click here to hear a sample of the recording

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