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What Evil Influences Sexual Violence And Some Men's Need To Abuse The Vagina?

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While the sex drive is strong in all male mammals, the human male's fascination with the vagina is obsessive.  Without a powerful sexual attraction for females, any species would be severely diminished or eventually made extinct.  However, beyond the need to procreate and receive sexual pleasure, human males seem fascinated by, even mesmerized by the vagina.   Every  year, men spend millions in Strip Clubs and venues otherwise known as  Men's Clubs and the euphemistic  Gentleman's Club just to gaze at vaginas and other female body parts. 

Given the male's sexual attraction for women and our fascination with the vagina, why then are so many men unabashedly guilty of violating women with mental abuse, mental and physical bullying, other forms of sexual violence, and vaginal assault? The Women Under Siege Project poignantly documents a global culture of sexual violence against women.  Many countries suffer debilitating damage and destruction by  a culture of rape and sexual violence. 

A culture of violence against what we love makes no sense.  A culture of rape and sexual violence against women who we desire and love so much makes no logical sense.  What then is the genesis of this abomination? One could conjecture that early on in human development, the mutant Lesser Power, or whatever name you may have for Evil, must have realized how little control it would have over men if the daughters of our primordial mother exercised a powerful influence over men.  How much influence and control over the sons of men would Evil have if the wisdom and sensibilities of women rather than  the wisdom and sensibilities of men were the dominant force on Earth? 

Evil must have determined that men's love and attraction for women and particularly men's fascination with the vagina would have no dominating influence over men if men controlled women and particularly if men controlled the vagina.  .Ultimately, Evil influenced men to employ the destructive power of misogyny and all its sociopathic variations to prevent women from being equal partners with men in the garden we call Earth.

As a result, some men, who were and are highly influence by  Evil are unable to come to rational terms with their love of women and their addictive fascination with the vagina.  Dominated and  motivated by the primordial influence of Evil, these men are ambiguously motivated to love the vagina, but to also fear it, hate it, control it, and even abuse it--all at the same time. 

Under the influence of Evil, men have utilized  a culture of rape and sexual violence in companionship with the repressive power of misogyny veiled in the perverted morality of  religious edicts and the many perverted laws and perverted social morality manifested in social policies designed to control women and widen the inequality between men and women.

If the human race is to survive, men must end our covert and overt fear, distrust, and hatred of women and their vaginas.  Men must end the prolific act of insanity that results in men violating women, violating women's safety and sense of well being, and violating women's bodies and their vaginas.  Men must end the culture of rape and the culture of sexual violence against women that have brought humanity to the precipice of extinction. 


Eve's Daughters.

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