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Anger And Hate Are Toxic Enemies Of Beautiful Women.

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Hate fueled by anger is a vicious master.  Hate hides the truth, binds the soul, and makes unhappy fools of its servants.  Hate is also an enemy of beauty and should be avoided by any woman who desires to be beautiful inside and out.  Anger fueled hate assaults and destroy all that is beautiful in women who once were or could be beautiful. 

There is no mystery behind the rampant destruction of anger and hate on the human body.  The emotional child of these two demons produces toxins in the hater's body that metastasizes and corrupts every organ in the body.  Hate and anger produces toxins in the brain and mind that metastasizes and corrupt  the aura, spirit, and personality of its victims.  Hate is ugliness personified.  Anger is its cancerous partner in self-induced brutality. 

All of us know someone we deem to be toxic or have a toxic personality.  That description and our reaction to them are real.  However, it isn't just the personality and visual appearance that is toxic.  The entire body becomes toxic when it is pervaded and assaulted by too much of the poisons produced by  the emotions we call anger and hate. 

Poisons produced by chronic anger, the captain of hate, attacks the body on a cellular level and attacks the person  on an emotional and spiritual level.  On the faces of hate we see the production of blemishes, wrinkles, distorted facial expressions, and an unhappy ugly aura that is anything but beautiful.  This doesn't mean that people who are obsessed with hate do not see themselves as beautiful; many do.  But, hate also makes blind liars  of its servants. 

All emotions, even love, on a deep level can blind us to the truth.  But hate's poison produces powerful illusions.  It motivates those possessed by and consumed by the poison it creates to see things that do not exist.  Hate encourages its victims to see truth and beauty where neither truth nor beauty exist.  Hate motivates its victims to believe that hate and anger makes them powerful and happy.  It encourages them to see beauty in themselves even when what once was physical beauty is eroding before their eyes.  Hate promises attraction, moral superiority, power, serenity, and invincibility when all it offers is rage, ugliness, more anger, and unhappiness. 

No face, body, or flesh can survive the ravages of anger and hate.  But worse than compromising physical beauty, hate's poison speeds the life of its victims more quickly towards the end game we call death.  And what is more ugly than death? 

Not every person possessed by hate is immediately made ugly nor immediately made unhappy.  A few of the know mass murderers and serial killers have been described as "handsome", "good looking", or "charismatic".  Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, physical beauty , by whatever standards we employ to define it, is real to us.  But even when physical beauty has not been completely compromised  or eroded by hate, the powerful toxins of anger and hate produces the evil that lies beneath. 

A life lived without chronic anger and consuming hate is a life lived without the toxins that produce emotional and physical disharmony.  Toxic disharmony produces a lack of emotional stability, a lack of rational thought, and hence, a lack of emotional harmony and emotional beauty. 

Emotional harmony and emotional beauty are necessary if one wants to be happy and know the joy of real physical beauty.  Anger and hate are negative emotions; and negativity is an enemy of the happy persona, the happy face, the happy woman and, ultimately, the beautiful woman. 

Take a moment to remember the faces you have seen in pictures of angry mobs and hate-fueled crowds  bent on depriving innocent human beings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Where are the beautiful faces?  Where are the beautiful people?  They aren't there.  Beautiful people avoid the negative assault of hate fueled crowds.  They have no need for it.  They have no desire for it.  It isn't because they are weak.  It is because angry hate directed at the innocent is an abomination to the beauty that is apparent and the beauty that lies within. 

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