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The Vagina Has No Power If Men control It

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We are witness to many observations, speculations, and opinions about the powerful, captivating, and sometimes mesmerizing influence the vagina has over men. Whatever may be the cause or the apparent truth of the many observations, the fact is that millions of men enthusiastically  and unapologetically pay generous sums of money in what men variously call titty bars, strip clubs, and men's clubs just to look at it.

But even if the vagina does have a hypnotic attraction for men, the vagina has no power over men if men control it. The Mutant Lesser  Power, or whatever name you call Evil, understands the powerful attraction the vagina has for men and must therefore motivate its male confederates to love it, to fear it, to hate it, and to spend a lifetime pursuing it, controlling it, and for some, even abusing it.

The Mutant Lesser Power realizes how different its world would be if the daughters of our Primordial Mother exercised a powerful influence over men so that the wisdom and sensibilities of Eve's Beautiful Daughters rather than the mutant wisdom and sensibilities of the sons of men were the dominant force in Eve's Garden.

Accordingly, this mutant power vigorously promotes the repressive energy of misogyny in all its various veiled, overt, and perverted schemes to help men control women and perpetuate the unnatural divide between men and women.

And unfair or not, it is simply one the many things our Creator God expects us to work out.

Of what import is it to an Experimenting Symbiotic God to give an experimental species free will and then proceed to control all of its behavior? Those are not the attribute and characteristic of an an Experimenting symbiotic god. Those  are the attributes and and characteristics of a despotic god with no gifts to give, magnificent or otherwise, and nary a need that carries with it  symbiotic reciprocity that can be satisfied by human thought and human behavior.

But a Symbiotic God needs human life. It is the reason we are created. From our beginning, however, men have led us on a path that can only lead to our failing The Experiment  and our eventual extermination in Eve's Garden.  All of which brings us back to square one. If the human race will survive The Experiment and escape the extinction of our species, then the definitive future of the human race rests in the passionate hands, courage, and wisdom of an impending Sisterhood of Eve's Daughters.

To be sure, we do not acknowledge the vocal and behavioral voices of a Sisterhood of Eve's Daughters is our best chance at saving the human race from Divine Extinction to make a statement about female superiority. Nor is an earlier impression,"Which would a Rational Intelligent Being create first, one who could give birth or one who could not?", intended to drive another divisive sentiment between men and women.

Rather its intent is to help bring an end to the malignant growth of both disguised and unconcealed distrust, fear, and hatred of women that, along with other violations of Creation's intent, have led our species to the precipice of Divine Obliteration.

Bennie Wiley  Eve's DaughtersBlessed Godsend

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