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Mother’s Day - with the Dog

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For several years now on each weekend day I usually drive the 12 miles or so to the next small town where my son lives as there is an excellent dog walking area there thus allowing my ‘goldie’ to have a great field walk and call in to see my son.

On some occasions I collect my granddaughter and she walks the dog with me.

This has become such a regular occurrence that if I text or speak to my son during the week he will usually say that we can talk ‘when you come over’.

Last weekend I discovered that my granddaughter was obviously starting a ‘bug’ of some sort as she was complaining of a sore throat and definitely had the sniffles.

When I left I got the impression they were planning an outing on the Sunday for Mother’s Day but my son said he would see me on Saturday anyway.

However, by Monday evening I could feel the sore throat start, by next day it progressed and then the sniffles to extreme and by Thursday I had to take to my bed. My ‘goldie’ was very good and settled upstairs with me even getting on the bed for the first time – but too excited and fidgety to stay there long.

Saturday morning I received a text from my son suggesting that my granddaughter might like to go for a walk with me that morning. Ah, plans unravel. I told him I was still unwell. So when he phoned me he said he had taken his wife’s advice to mail my Mother’s Day card – which he had thought unnecessary as, of course, I would be going there.

Sunday morning I opened my cards; my granddaughter had drawn one with a picture of both of us walking my ‘goldie’. Asking the ‘goldie’ to bring breakfast up would have been a step too far – he would have enjoyed the muesli, croissant and probably even the coffee but it would not have reached me so I opted to go downstairs give him his breakfast and take mine back to bed. Although the clocks had gone forward an hour the paper delivery was actually on time so I was able to read the paper whilst having breakfast.

Later in the morning I got ready and took the dog for a short walk, although I have to say that I think he was blissfully unaware that it was Mother’s Day nevertheless he gave me his company sleeping at my feet or on the sofa.

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